Womens Football – It’s Just Shite!

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he brutal truth – no one gives a fuck about women’s football

Now don’t me wrong, i’m not a misogynist, i’m a feminist, a male feminist, I make andrea dworkin look like ann widdecombe yet women’s football is shite.

No one gives a fuck except the women who play women’s football and that’s ok, as minority sports go, same goes for ‘paralympics’ – yeah, the participants are brave and deserve respect and admiration but no one really gives a fuck, not REALLY, apart form their mates and families and the sporting bodies and the people who try to make you feel shit for dissing women’s football as park level incompetence and Paralympics as shitting on the disabled.

second half mazzie
No-one really gives a fuck about athletics until the Olympics, it’s the triumph of jingoistic hype over reason and women’s football is tokenistic lip service posing as equality.

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