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It’s on days like this that I praise the dead Gods of human invention for digital television and the sanity of Russia Today (RT).

As all the world’s media focuses on the distraction of a ‘royal’ baby and the British media go hysterical, as usual, RT is the only safe haven for republicans, or even those who aren’t but fail to join in the cult of the monarchy.

‘Ah, but RT is only a Putin controlled propaganda station’ say the western politicians failing to acknowledge that the BBC is a state funded, state controlled propagandist that relentlessly spews a diet of pro-royal, pro-military, pro-capitalist programmes across its many headed hydra of digital local, national and international tv, radio, publishing and internet formats.

Harsh? Well, take the coverage of Syria for example. Despite the self-glorifying mantra of the BBC’s supposed ‘neutrality’ the narrative is dictated by editors pushing an anti-Assad policy with no attempt to see the civil war from the Ba’athist point of view. It was the same in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Northern Ireland, the miner’s strike, poll tax riots. The identified enemies without and within are demonised and dehumanised as malcontents, militants and monsters.

You don’t have to be a media expert (and I’m not) to see how the news narrative is shaped across the British media and how the BBC in particular pretends that it is simply ‘reflecting public opinion’ and is not part and parcel of the same tawdry circus it likes to feel aloof from.

So, let’s return to ‘the baby.’ Today’s RT headlines lead with a report on civilian casualties by drone attacks in . Drones based in Turkey, y’know Turkey who’s anti-government demonstrations received a fraction of the coverage on the BBC and other stations as those in Syria or Egypt. Surely a coincidence. If I want economic analysis, I don’t look to Robert Peston but Max Keiser, if I want debate I don’t tune into Question Time but Crosstalk, if I want media critique I don’t look to self-elected ‘mavericks’ like Paxman, Yentob or Snow but Breaking The Set.

RT is slick, entertaining and nails its colours firmly to the mast. It uses American and British presenters in the main and seeks out refuseniks from academia, politics, culture or economics to strike a balance between what ‘our’ news tell us and how others see it and targets a growing, young audience who are sceptical and suspicious of the in-bedded western media. Those who increasingly turn to the internet for their news and analysis free from the control of governments and the financial elite (which is really why Cameron is using the red herrring of child abuse to limit internet access.)

Look, I’m no conspiracy crank but I do believe there is one big conspiracy at work in the world, the basic self-interest of the super-rich. Everything flows from that simple act of greed. The rich want to stay rich or get even richer and so, constructs such as patriotism, religion or democracy are used to camouflage each and every act of war.

In this game, the royal family are simply sad puppets wheeled out when necessary to pimp for juicy (mostly arms) contracts with various torturers, despots and women haters. If this sounds like the typical spiteful outpourings of a rabid republican then I accuse the pro-monarchists of cruelty. It is they who keep the Windsors in their gilded cages, to be gawped at and followed and photographed and driven to insanity and death by a media that acts ‘in the public interest.’

I used to feel sorry for Kate Middleton (Cambridge) and her parents but they knew exactly what they were getting into when they joined this demented freak show. Kate had options; she could’ve settled down with some city kid and become a kept hausfrau, she could’ve worked as a trolly dolly like her mam, she could’ve even used that brain that somehow got her (and her husband) to a top university.

If it was love that drew her to William then she willingly accepted an entire life of scrutiny for herself and her children. Each and every move the royals make, each and every word they say, each anniversary, death, birth and act of succession has been carefully choreographed by faceless ‘advisors.’ The ‘modern royals’ project is going swimmingly and the ghost of Diana has been successfully exorcised.

This has all been planned with ruthless efficiency ever since the death of the ‘Princess Of Hearts’ almost did for the Windsors, a family so numbed by centuries of inbreeding and archaic rituals that they have become mere robots, doing their so-called ‘duty’ to ‘their’ people. It’s not their fault, after all, what else could this bunch of dim witted, deluded aristocrats do in the real world without the help of state subsidies, shoed in university degrees, made up jobs and acts of military posturing? They are resigned to a non-life, partly through their own apathy and stupidity and partly by the manipulation of those who need to keep the show on the road.

‘In who’s interest is all this being done then, smart arse?’ Well, the same people who have used the monarchy for their own selfish interests ever since the Norman invasion, the landed gentry and their industrialist and banking pals who require a smooth transition from one generation of royals to another. The status quo abhors a vacuum, detests power struggles and resists scrutiny. To achieve this it needs a compliant monarchy and a compliant media, luckily they have both.

The royal baby ‘story’ is a ‘happy story’ and all media outlets must report it as such. The BBC report live from outside Buckingham Palace where ‘crowds of well wishers have gathered’ and the Blairite grins of the presenters have been glued to their faces by editorial monkeys dancing to the tune of the shadowy organ grinders. Even Google is asking its customers to ‘be part of history and sign the world’s biggest congratulations card’ to the happy couple. If this is not propaganda then propaganda has no meaning. If, as the BBC’s radio and tv guests constantly state (as a fact) that ‘only 20% of the public are ‘against the monarchy’ then where is our 20% of the coverage, where is our balance, our opinion being reported?

I accuse not only the BBC and the media but also the republican movement of cowardice and naivety. The problem with our constitution, or lack of one, isn’t the fault of Liz and Chuck and Billy Boy, for they are merely the pathetic puppets of the real string pullers, who remain anonymous, who are free to plan their cruel and cynical strategies. They remain free from the scrutiny of a timid and compliant political and cultural cabal too scared of the right wing media’s demonisation tactics to do their duty and expose this sham for what it truly is.

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