northern satire does not get any shitter than this

Is right kid


Is the bubble perm making a comeback? The perm hairstyle so synonymous with the working classes in the 1980’s could well be making a return to the streets of Liverpool, with a number of scals recently spotted sporting the contemporary ‘fro’.

So is this just a fad with the ‘yoof’, another regurgitated fashion faux pas to grace the city? Or … [read more...]


The Road to Nowhere


It seems you’re confronted with impatient fuckers at every turn these days. In shops, on the streets, on the roads. These self serving pricks are evereywhere. A load of narcissists frantically trying to get to where they want to go and god forbid anyone who gets in their way. You see they’re way more IMPORTANT than you and I and … [read more...]


We are one BBC great things happen when we work together*

Utter Bias

Good piece by Monbiot who by default includes The Guardian as one of the media agencies that perpetuate this circle of lies and hate. The BBC prides itself and boasts of its supposed ‘journalistic impartiality, balance and lack of bias’ - it’s a lie that can be proven by any objective person who has watched the BBC News and current [read more...]


An open letter to Scotland from the English Establishment

och aye

“Dear Scotland,

Over the past four hundred years we may have given you the impression that all we wanted to do to your Godsaken shithol…..sorry, your magnificent, mountainous, awe-inspiring country was to rob its natural resources, slaughter and starve the locals and force them to emigrate so we can shoot deer on the vast estates we now occupy and

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Part of The Union

Part of The Union">TUC
The TUC allowed the Governor of the Bank of England an hour and a half to lecture unions on austerity (the austerity his bank and the city created and working people are paying for) and gave over a whole half hour to discuss community branches and advice centres – y’know the ones that actually put ‘socialism’ into action and
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What Katie Did Next


And so this sad and demeaning circus continues. There are some who still maintain that the monarchy is an essentially benign form of government and that the royals are mere figureheads with no real power. The propagandists use a compliant mass media to push their message relentlessly on every channel and in every newspaper, so expect another 9 months [read more...]