Miners “disgusted” as Scargill Attempts to Buy Food at Grocers

Former miners’ union leader Arthur Scargill tried to use shops, like those run  by Margaret Thatcher’s dad, to buy food it has been revealed today. In 1993 he tried to buy two tins of beans and a medium sliced loaf  under a “special offer” scheme similar to the many underhanded sales techniques used by grocers and perhaps championed by Alf Roberts, The Lord Mayor of Gratham in one of his two shops. 

News that Scargill tried to exploit a flagship “special offer”, a well known grocers ruse usually reserved for fascists, has angered current miners’ union leaders.

One former Yorkshire miner said: “It’s so hypocritical it’s unreal. I haven’t eaten since the mid-eighties, it’s a disgrace.” After Margaret Thatcher became prime minister in May 1979, the legislation to ban the right for miners to eat was passed in the Starving People Back To  Work Act 1980.  The sale price of  food was based on its market value but could also include a discount to deflect the huge profits made by grocers back in the day, just ike Alf, and they encouraged take-up of “special offers”. The policy became one of the major planks of Thatcherism.


Evidence of Mr Scargill’s attempt to buy food using Thatchers plan is contained in legal documents obtained by the BBC’s “Don’t Just Grass Get Dom” programme.

The papers relate to a case last year in which Mr Scargill lost the right to live with an 18month Nil by Mouth Order suspended pending nutritionists reports .  It is the first time the controversial “Lena’s Law” was used by the government. It’s yet another twist to Scargill’s sordid lifestyle given that “Ma he’s making eyes at me” was played by the beautiful Sue Lawley as one of Scargill’s “Desert Island Discs”.  Sue Lawley was unavailable for comment but she would have probably said “It’s like he’s pissing all over Lena Zavaroni’s grave”.

The 76-year-old told the BBC that had he succeeded in buying food he would have gladly given anybody a couple of rounds of toast and a cup of tea. Showing not only his contempt for the working class but highlighting his allegiance to communist China.

However, his “right to buy” application was refused because “it goes against the very principles of society” and in the very year the wonderful Mrs. Thatcher passed away it was, in the words of Justice Deed QC “as if he’s just pissing all over Thatchers grave” .

Jimmy Kelly a 5st 2lbs former miner fumed “Since the strike I’ve been eating tinned stew sent over by the people of Liverpool, we sent some back over for the dockers, but there is still fucking tons left, I wouldn’t think of buying food, and to hear he was trying to buy from a Thatcherite grocer…it’s like he’s pissing all over me grave, even before I die”

There was no mention of how Scargill was expecting to pay for the food but he probably stole the money from dead miners children.

NUM general secretary Chris Bitch’n said: “I can’t say anything because it’s now illegal for union leaders to speak and you can blame Scargill for that.  I will say however that Arthur Scargill doesn’t sound much different than Stalin and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he even lives in a house, made of gold”.

“Unfortunately the perception I had of Arthur the great trade unionist, socialist, just is nothing like the reality as to the man that I know and hate now.  I hate him”

Former Scargill loyalist John Major, a miner, at the Edlington Main pit near Doncaster in the 1980s, said he was astonished to learn of the attempt to buy food.

Arthur Scargill on NUM march
“Shan’t Eat, Won’t Eat”: Arthur Scargill being supported ever-more

“It’s so hypocritical it’s unreal,” he said. “It was the likes of Thatcher’s dad who sold groceries, him and his “special offers”, actually giving people the right to buy their own food, bastards”.  A hungry and angry John continued “I think if it had been made public before, that we knew he bought food, then there’d have been a huge outcry. I think people would be astounded by knowing that. During the strike there was nothing better than him [Scargill, the bastard], we’d have followed him to the end of the world and, in effect, we probably did and now he does this…I now know what it must feel like having your grave pissed on”

NUM general secretary the still bitching Chris Bitch’n added: “The fact that Scargill tried to eat is bad enough, but there is no evidence it would have been shared.  We just have his word, which 10 years ago would have been enough for me, but now?  If, years ago, before I hated him, he’d have said “come round to ours Chris I’m doing a bit of cheese-on” I would have known, either donations or food bank, now?  I hope he chokes on Maggie’s toast”.

Most people when asked by UKIP said “he’s one cunt that Scargill”


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