The long hot summer of ’76.  Waiting for just about everything great that ever happened to happen and thinking “when I start work I’m deffo getting meself a pair of them”.  To my amazement I didn’t have to wait that long.

Obviously Brutus were short lived* and I don’t think I have seen a pair since the ones I got from Sexy Rexy for a school trip to Guernsey. It was either them or a pair of Falmers.
Falmers didn’t have a song.  It wasn’t all good because me ma also bought me a pair of “Micawber” jeans which I wore in blissful ignorance (for about ten minutes) until somebody pointed out the “M” on the back pocket. I never wore those “Manglers” again !

Three things came from this advert..shit jeans, a shit song and more importantly for co-writer and legend Roger Greenaway, a number 3 hit for David Dundas.  Also spawning yet another question to be included, by law, in every pub pop quiz since.

“Lord” David Dundas, the son of the 3rd Marquess of Zetland no less, went on to do loads of other stuff for TV and fillums most notably writing the original score for Withnail and I.

So there !


*I know they are still about and no doubt fetching a good few quid at these tat markets being passed off as “vintage” by some groovy boho types, the new rag-men….but they were, and still are, badly shit jeans.

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