“Our” Al-Qaeda?

I don’t go in for gratuitous “snuff” clips. “Here’s one of Saddam swinging on a rope” “‘kin ‘ell lad did you see the way they slit Gaddaffi’s throat”. When Ken Bigley, a man who lived not but half a mile from where I sit now had his final grotesque moments bandied around the internet and part of me just wondered how many people knocked at his house, with flowers for his ma, having just shown a few more people his decapitation on YouTube.

I’m torn because, without seeing it, can we really know the horror? Is it morbid curiosity or is it something that says you MUST see it otherwise the mind will never be able to gauge the severity. I know personally that I don’t want to see it so I can giggle and immediately pass it on to my mates as if it were a scene from Bourne Identity part 9. Perhaps watching too many, and for the wrong reason ultimately leads to the latter anyway?

Whilst watching the intro to the G20 summit yesterday Greg Mardell, looking very pasty and unable to muster the usual ambience, you know, the one in which he tells you what Sarin can do, shows what it’s done to some kids and yet displays the body language of a bloke you have just bumped into coming out the Big House on a Sunday afternoon…no, Gregg was down, this shit was serious…and it was.

My family no longer buys into religion, my kids were not christened and have faith in all but the church. After successive generations were slowly beaten and forced away from the Catholic church by the time it came to my generation they had been fucked off completely. On my ma’s part the final straw came when the priest, who did the rounds every Friday night, came into the house, did his usual, drank the scotch and then with a swift sleight of hand made a shilling disappear from the mantlepiece. Now every other Friday that was the gig…this Friday? my grandad was sitting about 2ft away. Now “father” who went on to become a Canon no less, wasn’t actually stealing because that’s where my nan left a shilling for him every week…the only person not in on this sanctioned conscience clearing theft was my grandad who, quick as you like, was up to launch this “cheeky bastard” through the front door….and from that day “them horrible robbing bastards” never did get a penny from him. Even the “penguins” wouldn’t knock at me nans.

My Da’s “never going to church again” story was at the hands of the same man. This the man who having stopped my dad in his tracks questioned him as to why he wasn’t in church last Sunday. My 14 year old father was then slapped “it wasn’t a tap like, it was a real good hard slap…whack!” and given a bloody nose. It’s what Jesus would have wanted.

When the time came for me to choose schools I was left with hardly much choice as the best school for me (I don’t know who said it was like), having passed the 11+, was an all boys catholic gaff and for a week or so our house resembled the mess room at Colditz as we found out what documents needed forging, what you do with the sherbert flying saucers at church and what “confirmation” meant. I was in, and it was shit. A place where the more “religious” a teacher came across, the more pleasure he seemed to take as he brought a thick leather strap down onto the hand (usually 6 times) the more resentful it made the 12 year old child. Grown men flogging kids? Fucking madness, but it’s what Jesus would have wanted. Madness.

Nearly as mad as the priest (now a Bishop) who would look at me years later in disgust as I asked “you know when you kindly allowed all these starved to death Irish babies to be buried by you in your crypt…how many priests starved?” It was as if I’d just pulled his wig off.

So…religion? If you got faith, good on you. Not for me thanks. Justify it to yourself, not me.

Which brings me back to Greg. He is now at great pains to tell us “don’t forget, these are the atrocities of war, it’s both sides and this is happening all day with Assads people, this isn’t Assads people, but, he’s doing it as well..and he’s doing it worse than this”. I didn’t stop to think “well I am sure if it is you would only be too quick in showing it…like damning evidence and tha'”. That would be bang out of order. I’m sure he’s right, and I don’t WANT to see evidence really, but you get my drift?

What they showed next came as a bit of a shock to say the least. Three lorry drivers were stopped by “soldiers” of al-Nusra Front Takfiris…good Al-Queda not the terrorist ones…the people the west are backing, and have been doing so for the past two years, “yer rebels” the “good guys”. They asked the drivers, first question, what religion are you Sunni/Shia…then, like a bully does, asked them to prove it by questions such as “how many times do you kneel to pray”…I have no doubt in my mind their fate was sealed the minute they were stopped but this inhuman cunt was going to get his kicks eh?

The three men, lorry drivers, people, just fucking people…were asked to then kneel and were shot from behind by this big hard tough bastard with his god, on his side. *THIS* is what our government wanted us to back, this is what they will back anyway eventually, and this is what the Syrian people can look forward to when the right god deposes “that bastard” Assad.

This isn’t war, this isn’t excusable under ANY circumstances and to support it…are you having a fucking laugh? I will go so far as to say to continue any involvement in this shit ON THIS EVIDENCE ALONE makes me wonder if it really wouldn’t be better for all if we just nuke the fucking lot and be done. Whoever has the misfortune to be left, which won’t be us, can then have another G20 meeting (which may well be G5 or less by then) and hopefully say to themselves “we fucked that up didn’t we…shall we try something else this time?”.

I was torn about posting the video because had I NOT seen it myself then I doubt it would have impacted as much. I looked for it on the SKY pages but, I think they only showed it once yesterday, it is nowhere to be found. It is on Youtube. it’s up there with that “boss one” with the Syrian rebel slicing out the innards of a dead non-believer and eating them.

I’m sorry for the rant and I am sorry to those who want to see the video, I can’t post it, who am I to force it onto anybody, but urge anybody who doubts just how fucked up all this shit is to find it. The next time you are asked to enter into a debate about religion, remember it as you are told just what it is that makes “god great”.

The Inhuman Race – do we really deserve another minute on this planet and is there anybody REALLY setting out to save it, over and above taking a bit more of it for themselves?


…join us this time next week for another FUCKED UP FRIDAY special.

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