Happy Holidays


“In one hand, and out with the other”.  That quote may as well be etched in ‘BIG LETTERS’ on my monthly bank-statements, as if as a permanent reminder that any notion of saving cash is about as likely as a Big-Brother contestant refusing an ‘exclusive’ with ‘Hello’ Magazine.  Bills, over-draft, car insurance, cost of living, credit cards, oh and more …

Paul Frank SharkeyHappy Holidays

Lie to Me


So yet again the western propaganda machine is shown to be selective about which conflicts are acts of ‘genocide’ and which are merely ‘tit for tat’ acts of ‘violence.’ The hysterical reaction to the ISIS/Islamic State’ is part of the same political/media narrative that once targeted Saddam, Gaddafi and Assad as ‘genocidal’ maniacs who ‘sponsor terror’ and want to destroy …

thedailyswineLie to Me


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Luciana in the sky with diamonds


Good to see the Wavertree MP on BBC breakfast this morning dressed down and telling everyone that female politicians like herself should be judged on their ability not their looks. Hmmm! A product of the London Labour nepotistic guild that sorts out safe sears for their pals, Berger’s Zionism seems at odds with local feelings but hey, people vote for …

thedailyswineLuciana in the sky with diamonds

Haunted Dancehalls # 2


Teenage Warning – The Angelic Upstarts Those often brutal secondary school years can make or break you. At junior school you got used to the pecking order, the hierarchy imposed by how tough, good looking, sporty or funny you were. Secondary school threw you into a different pool altogether and you could sink or swim (or paddle away out of …

thedailyswineHaunted Dancehalls # 2

Sexual Cleaning


So, as we have been so well primed for over the past couple of weeks, Maggies Den was a nest of nonces.  Quelle surprise? Given the fact that the jury never had to go out on Thatcher it is no great shock to hear that the establishments penchant for pedophilia was, is now, and let’s face it, always has been, …

Whos-Arsed?Sexual Cleaning